BBG Entertainment’s reimagined SHARK! SHARK!® is coming to Steam PC, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, Windows and Apple Mac next week

Munich, Germany – September 21, 2023 – Classic video game developer, BBG Entertainment, has today unveiled the release date for its reimagined SHARK! SHARK!®inspired by the legendary 1982 original. BBG’s reimagined version with its modern, jaw-dropping graphics and fin-tastic gameplay, is coming to Steam (Windows/Mac), Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Windows Store, and Mac App Store on September 28. Press can request review codes on their preferred platforms now.

Watch the SHARK! SHARK!® trailer HERE

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Dive into an underwater world where danger lurks at every corner. Take on the role of a very ambitious, plucky little fish, surrounded by a gulping underwater crowd of formidable foes! Given the chance, these sneaky, big-mouthed, aquatic beasts will swallow you up in no time! Watch out for real-slick, fast-turning sharks and other enemies that just love keeping you in their stomachs. But you’re smarter and sneaky too! Why let them DEVOUR you?

SHARK! SHARK!® Key Features: 
  • Stunning underwater environments with dynamic ecosystems. 
  • Intuitive controls and engaging game mechanics. 
  • Dive into various challenging modes and levels. 
  • Explore, hunt, and discover secrets of the deep.
  • Swim solo in Single Player mode.
  • Local and online multiplayer modes for up to 4 players (cross-platform).

SHARK! SHARK!® is the second instalment of BBG’s reimagined games lineup, including DYNABLASTER®, which launched on September 14, and the reimagined 16-BIT classic ASTROSMASH®, which is coming soon to Steam (Windows/Mac), Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Xbox, Windows Store and Mac App Store.

To request a review code for SHARK! SHARK!® please email Players can dive in on September 28. 

About BBG Entertainment GmbH

BBG Entertainment is a games developer and publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. The founder and staff of BBG Entertainment have years of experience in the market for computer and mobile games, 

especially in the area of retro and casual gaming, and excellent contact with many renowned gaming companies for well over 25 years. BBG Entertainment offers games like Boulder Dash®Dynablaster® and Einstein™ Brain Trainer. Their most recent release lineup includes reimagined versions of Dynablaster®, which launched September 14, 2023, as well as Shark! Shark!®, coming September 28and Astrosmash®, coming soon. For more information about all BBG Entertainment products please visit

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