BBG Entertainment is a games developer and publisher headquartered in Munich, Germany. The founder and staff of BBG Entertainment have years of experience in the market for computer and mobile games, especially in the area of retro and casual gaming, and excellent contact with many renowned gaming companies for well over 25 years. BBG Entertainment is privately owned, with more than 10 employees and freelancers at the Munich headquarters. Also works with external development studios as needed. BBG Entertainment offers famous games like Boulder Dash®, Dynablaster®, Astrosmash®, Shark! Shark® and Einstein™ Brain Trainer.

In 2017 BBG Entertainment acquired the Boulder Dash® intellectual property, with all rights pertaining thereto, from First Star Software, Inc. The original Boulder Dash® is a pioneering interactive game dating back to the early times of the home computer and video game era being first launched in 1984. Boulder Dash® and its many sequels have delighted and challenged casual and hard-core players of all ages and sexes for over three decades. The original Boulder Dash® was created by Peter Liepa with Chris Gray and published by First Star Software, Inc. Boulder Dash® is an innovative action-puzzle digging and collection game responsible for launching its own game genre.

BBG Entertainment announced on May 24th, 2023 the acquisition of the ASTROSMASH® and SHARK! SHARK!® intellectual properties with all rights pertaining thereto, from Intellivision® Entertainment, LLC. Under this new ownership arrangement, Intellivision® Entertainment, LLC will retain any preexisting activations of the original versions of ASTROSMASH® and SHARK! SHARK!® as well as any versions for future platforms from Intellivision®.


ASTROSMASH® was originally designed by John Sohl and introduced for the original Intellivision® console in 1981, the space-themed game has players using a laser cannon to destroy incoming meteors, bombs, and other targets. The original game was hugely successful. ASTROSMASH® quickly became one of the most popular Intellivision® games – it sold more than a million copies and earned a spot as one of the top-5 best-selling Intellivision® games of the period.


The original version of SHARK! SHARK!® was launched 1982 for the Intellivision® console. The game was programmed by Ji-Wen Tsao, the world´s first female game console programmer. The player is an ambitious little fish surrounded by the gulping underwater crowd! These are nasty, sneaky and big-mouthed aquatic devils plus the real-slick, fast-turning sharks as well that just love keeping fishes in their stomachs. SHARK! SHARK!® was selected by the National Game Preservation Board as one of the best video games for permanent maintenance in the United States Library of Congress National Game Registry. Only games of the highest standard like Space Invader, Pac-Man or Donkey Kong are chosen.

Stephan Berendsen, the founder and president of BBG Entertainment, has founded in 2001 the mobile gaming company Living Mobile. Within three years Living Mobile became one of the top 10 mobile gaming companies in Europe with 40 employees working in three locations (Munich, Prague and Singapore). Living Mobile licensed famous games like Bomberman, Tamagotchi, Resident Evil, Street Fighter and many more from leading Japanese gaming companies like Hudson Soft, Bandai, Capcom. In November 2005 The Walt Disney Company acquired Living Mobile.

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