The presenter of “Fritz & Hits”, “Dingsda” and “Versteckte Kamera” (Hidden Camera) conquers smartphones, tablets and consoles for the first time with “Quiz with Fritz”!

Munich, Germany – April 16, 2024 – Fritz Egner is one of the best-known and most popular TV and radio presenters in Germany. On German TV, he brought up to 14 million viewers to the television with classics such as “Dingsda” or “Versteckte Kamera” (Hidden Camera), and many other programs for ARD, ZDF and SAT.1. On the radio, his great passion, he still inspires people to this day with his show “Fritz & Hits” on Bayerischer Rundfunk. He has interviewed almost all the stars of the music world over the course of over 50 years and counts many of them as friends. His personal archive of over 400 interviews, rare photos, personal dedications and concert tickets includes the greatest artists from 1974 to today, including Mick Jagger, James Brown, Madonna, Sting, Phil Collins, ABBA and Whitney Houston.

His dream of turning this incredible treasure into a unique music quiz game is finally coming true. Game pioneer Hans Ippisch created in close collaboration with him and the Munich-based game developer and publisher BBG Entertainment GmbH, “Quiz with Fritz”, a varied quiz game for the whole family. The special thing about this game is that the 2,200 questions in the first edition not only cover all stars and hits from 1974 to 2024, but the game also contains over 300 original interview excerpts as well as 300 photos, dedications and tickets from Fritz’s personal archive . When you open the safe you can then watch and listen to the content you have earned over and over again. In total, the interviews last over five hours. As a reward, Fritz Egner tells anecdotes from his time with the stars, including incredible stories about Sting, James Brown, Janet Jackson and Diana Ross.

To ensure perfect family fun during the competition, each of up to four participants can choose exactly the eras (from 1974 to 2024) that they feel confident with. Extensions with questions about specific music genres (K-pop, hip hop) are also being prepared and will be published in the second half of the year. Individual players can compete with players from all over the world via the online rankings. Quiz with Fritz will initially be released at the end of June for Android, iOS and on Steam (Windows/Mac). Console versions are planned for Q3 2024.


Fritz Egner moderates the quiz (as a virtual avatar) with his usual friendly manner and unique voice (in German and English)

1,600 questions about the biggest hits in music history from five individually selectable decades from 1974 to 2024: from James Brown and Frank Zappa to Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift and Harry Styles

300 original interview excerpts with over 5 hours of playing time: James Brown, Madonna, Mick Jagger, Phil Collins, Whitney Houston, Frank Farian and many more.

300 photos, dedications & tickets: Lionel Richie, The Police, OneRepublic, Ed Sheeran, ABBA, The Commodores, Nile Rodgers, Bruce Springsteen and many more.

Eleven unique anecdotes from Fritz Egner from his time at Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARD, SAT.1 and ZDF

Phenomenal soundscape like in a TV studio, composed by Patrick Nevian (Phenix Noir Productions)

For a review version, or if you would like have an interview or for additional information, please contact media@bbg-entertainment.com.

About Fritz Egner

Fritz Egner is a real legend in the German TV and radio landscape. His career began in 1974 at the US radio station AFN. After he moved to Bayerischer Rundfunk in 1979, he started out as a radio presenter and from 1985 also as a TV presenter. “Dingsda” (ARD) attracted up to 14 million viewers at its peak, and later programs such as “Versteckte Kamera” (Hidden Camera) or “WWW – Die Witzigsten Werbespots der Welt” for ZDF and SAT.1 also became ratings hits. But his great passion always remained radio and especially music. To this day he hosts the cult radio show “Fritz & Hits” on Bayern 1, in which he reveals his inexhaustible anecdotal knowledge of music and musicians. Fritz Fritz Egner has personally met and interviewed all the important music artists of the last few decades; he has compiled the highlights in his rich biography “Mein Leben zwischen Rhythm & Blues”. Fritz Egner’s record and CD collection with over 50,000 individual pieces is legendary.

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