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 DocLexi – Learn reading with fun!

Comprehensive App for children aimed at improving their reading and writing Skills!

What is DocLexi®?

DocLexi® is an app, inclusive of an option and web based access for therapists and teachers, with the objective of helping struggling readers and those with early signs of dyslexia building on proven therapeutic concepts. DocLexi® was developed by experts with years of experience in working with children to help improve their reading and spelling skills and is based on proven concepts.

The execution of the program is multi-sensory, meaning a mix of visual and audio exercises building on each other.

For the professionals amongst you, it utilizes visual scanning and tracking, visual spatial, recall, sequencing, phonological processing and phonics (encoding and decoding).


The DocLexi® Team had a machine that helped children learn to read, spell, & write. The Outer Space Mixer Monsters stole the machine, broke it apart, & hid the pieces all over the world. The DocLexi® Team is traveling & completing tasks to find the parts to the machine. DocLexi® and his friends will accompany the child throughout the exercises of each category! Importantly, the exercises itself will be void of any “unnecessary distraction”. They will focus on developing the skill, making sure the child is focusing on that only.


DocLexi® delivers the most comprehensive app to improve children’s reading and writing skills. It is available as a consumer version for children and their parents and as a professional version, e.g. for speech therapists and teachers SENCOs – special educational needs coordinators, language/speech therapists, reading specialists, teachers, physicians and (elementary) schools (K-4). The professional version provides for a seamless integration with the speech therapist session by allowing therapists to customize the app to the child’s needs and track its progress, logging into their browser.


DocLexi® is a program that holistically develops the brain skills needed to “overcome” dyslexia. It employs a bottom-up approach that blends across the total needs of a child starting with auditory and visual processing combined with short term and working memory skills. It then incorporates developing phonological processing skills as well as building phonics skills. The goal of this program is to build the brain patterns & skills needed to learn to accurately spell words, fluently read, and quickly comprehend written text.


The execution of the program is multi-sensory, meaning a mix of visual and audio exercises building on each other. The exercises include visual scanning & tracking, visual spatial, memory/recall (working and short-term memory), sequencing, phonological processing, & phonics (encoding & decoding).


  • Effective exercises, developed by speech and language therapists specializing in dyslexia and executed by experienced game designers
  • The concept combining visual and audio approaches ensures that the individual child’s needs are reflected
  • A consistent design building on transport element ensures continuity reducing the risk of distraction
  • Childlike graphics ensure a fun factor so children enjoy using the app
  • DocLexi® and his friends accompany the child throughout all exercises
  • Easy log-in via app independent of where you are

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  • DocLexi is a great app!

    I am a speech therapist and have been using DocLexi with kindergarten children. They like that it is “hero based” and not babyish. The games go at a rate that helps them practice skills over and over but keeps them engaged. Their pre reading skills have been steadily growing thanks to this app. I give it 5 stars, and highly recommended it!

    • Itunes
  • Great Pre/Literacy app!

    My kindergarten and 1st grade students have been using DocLexi and they love it! They like the "heroes" and being able to create an avatar. The games progress at a rate that helps practice the skills repetitively but keeps them challenged and interested. Their pre-reading and reading skills have been steadily improving! 5 stars!

    • Itunes
  • Fun and Engaging educational game

    This has been a very fun and engaging game that my young one enjoys a lot. It has been great watching her learn the skills while playing a game she enjoys. Very well thought out educational game, recommend anyone to get the game and enjoy learning !!! 5 stars.

    • Itunes
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