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ASTROSMASH ® was originally designed for the Intellivision® console in 1981 by John Sohl and quickly became one of the most popular games. It sold more than a million copies and earned a spot as one of the top-5 best-selling Intellivision® games ever. The space-themed game has players using a laser cannon to destroy incoming meteors, bombs, and other targets.


In ASTROSMASH® you control a cannon weapon that can scroll left or right along a flat plane in order to target falling objects, such as large or small meteors, large or small spinning bombs, and guided missiles, as well as a UFO that crosses the screen from time to time at higher levels. Low hills and stars are seen in the background. There are many types of targets, each of which may move at a range of speeds. As the game advances, the range of speeds for each type of target increases.


The game has ten levels, each of which features different objects. Each level has a different beautiful background and a different amazing background music. The sounds and background music are perfectly synchronized with the gameplay. Famous game music composer Tommy Tallarico compiled this masterpiece. He has won over 35 industry awards and has worked on more than 300 game titles.

The player has the option of firing single shots, or switching to automatic fire at a rate of multiple shots per second. The hyperspace option moves the cannon to a random location, which may or may not be safer than the starting point.

This reimagined new ASTROSMASH® is much more exciting, more visually appealing, and a bit more challenging without straying from the game’s original theme and gameplay. The new graphics are phenomenal and famous Tommy Tallarico composed the amazing background music – adds excitement to this video game classic. Plus, ASTROSMASH® now allows co-op and versus gameplay for up to four players! These players could play locally or online – even cross platform – with each other.

Selected features:

  • Single player mode
  • Co-op and versus mode
  • Local and online multiplayer modes up to 4 players (cross platform)
  • 10 different levels
  • Different kind of enemies like spaceships, asteroids, UFOs
  • Fantastic graphics
  • Famous game music composer Tommy Tallarico compiled all the superb sounds
  • Keyboard and Joystick support

Astrosmash® is a registered trademark of BBG Entertainment GmbH. Copyright © 1981-2023 BBG Entertainment GmbH. All rights reserved.

Intellivision® is a registered trademark of Intellivision Entertainment LLC.

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