Boulder Dash Deluxe – A walk down memory lane

A walk down memory lane!
Boulder Dash® & Atari, two gaming legends, reunite in their most modern forms

Boulder Dash® Deluxe™, the brand new sequel to Boulder Dash®, a world-famous interactive video game from 1984, is now available on the, likewise, brand new Atari VCS Console.

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Munich – February 10th, 2021 | BBG Entertainment GmbH, a leading producer and publisher of casual and retro games, announced today that Boulder Dash® Deluxe™, the reincarnation of Boulder Dash® from 1984, will first be made available on Atari’s newly launched VCS Console.

You may feel like you’ve been thrown back into the 1980s. Two classics from that time, the Boulder Dash® video game and the Atari VCS game console, are back! A classic game and a retro game console finally join forces again – with up-to-date specifications, graphics, and gaming elements. Boulder Dash® Deluxe’s core is based on the original game, first published in 1984. This most recent, and revolutionary update, was just completed when Atari announced the upcoming launch of its new VCS Console.

Stephan Berendsen, President of BBG Entertainment GmbH, states: “Atari now provides the platform that enables us to bring back together what have always belonged together – the Atari and Boulder Dash® with both their origins dating back to the 1980s. Back then, the original Boulder Dash® was first released for the Atari 400/800 home computer. When I heard about Atari’s VCS Console launch, I saw a fantastic opportunity to offer retro-gaming fans across the globe a unique set-up. Boulder Dash® Deluxe will therefore first be released on that console.”

Boulder Dash® Deluxe takes you, together with its in-game character Rockford™, into a myriad of new and exciting challenges. Dig through spectacular caves with 3D elements; avoid falling boulders; collect valuable gems and avoid nefarious enemies along the way. Discover treasure chests with rare collectibles and valuable power-ups. Boulder Dash® Deluxe includes 180 new, exciting and unique levels. As a bonus for all fans, Peter Liepa, creator of the original Boulder Dash®, and a video game legend himself, has created “Liepa World” – with a set of 20 of the most mind-bending levels ever!

The game is priced at US $14.99 for the Atari VCS Console. In March, PC versions of Boulder Dash® Deluxe (Windows and Mac) will be released on Steam®. In the not distant future, Boulder Dash® fans will be able to rejoice when Boulder Dash® Deluxe is made available for iOS on the Apple App Store℠,Android™ on the Google Play™.

The original Boulder Dash® was a ground-breaking interactive game in the early days of the home computer and video game era, having first been launched in 1984. Boulder Dash®, and its many sequels, have delighted and challenged casual and hard-core players of all ages and sexes for almost four decades. Boulder Dash® is an innovative, action-puzzle, ‘digging & collection’ game responsible for launching its own game genre. The game’s protagonist is named „Rockford“. Players must guide him as he digs through caves, collecting gems in an attempt to reach the exit within a limited amount of time, while avoiding various types of dangerous creatures as well as obstacles like falling boulders and the constant danger of being crushed or trapped by an avalanche, or killed by an underground explosion. Boulder Dash® was first published by First Star Software, Inc. in 1984 on the Atari 400/800, C-64 and Apple II.

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