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Einstein Brain Trainer: Feed your brain with a personal coach!

If you want to stay young at heart, and sharp mentally, take a few minutes a day and train your brain with Einstein™ Brain Trainer!

Sly fox, studious student or brainy genius? How do you judge your ”Brain Fitness“? Entertaining, yet with a scientific background „Einstein™ Brain Trainer“ will help you to keep your brain active or – if needed will get it moving again! Perform the “Daily Test“ and measure your “Brain Fitness”, climb to ever higher scales and eventually become a “Royal Brain”. Practice regularly and you will surely notice an increase in your “Brain Fitness”. Remember, daily commitment and continuity are key to keeping your brain active!


Get your grey matter moving: Brain training for the whole family to enjoy at home or to play with your friends. Albert Einstein will guide you through this game with 30 excellent brain exercises. The famous Albert Einstein will accompany you with advice and assistance and explain which parts of your brain will be activated throughout the course of the training.

All 30 exercises for brain activation have been tested during the development of our successful  „Train your Brain with Dr. Kawashima“ program cooperating with the Industry University Research Project with Professor Dr. Kawashima. Dr. Kawashima is a respected and well-known Japanese neuroscientist who has appeared in popular and reputable brain training products before.


Albert Einstein and his cute little assistant Robo will support you in any aspect of the game.

They will be at your side whenever you need them, explaining the different exercises and illustrating the scientific background of each exercise. They will motivate you to keep moving and to care about your mental fitness.

Besides the individual training, you can practice together with family and friends on your device in the so called Hot-Seat mode – one after the other everyone takes his/her turn and enjoys the social dynamics of playing games. But you are not limited to playing with friends at your device. You can compete online with fellow players all over the world: Simply hit the Game Center (only iPhone/iPad version) or Google Play Leaderboards (only Android version) button to be entered into the global high score list. As easy as it is, the online high score ranking is great fun for everyone whether young or old, tall or small!

You can create a profile for each member of your family so that everyone can train his brain individually. As each exercise features an adaptive difficulty level, everyone will be assisted to his needs. Let´s begin measuring your brain fitness and exercise it from day to day.

Many more features like extensive rankings and statistics, leaderboards and a trophy room are waiting for you as part of this truly unique brain training game. Enjoy!

A truly unique brain training game is waiting for you. Enjoy!

This App is localized into English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Turkish and Polish. A Japanese version is also available.


  • Premier quality product for brain training with a scientific approach
  • 30 specially designed exercises to stimulate the brain
  • Daily Tests to check your current „Brain Fitness“
  • Dynamic adaptation of the difficulty level of individual exercises
  • Detailed scientific background information for each exercise
  • Continuous interaction between Albert Einstein and the player
  • Detailed help system accessible from anywhere in the game
  • Trophy room for awards received
  • Hot Seat mode (multiplayer mode on a single device)
  • Easy-access of the Game Center (iPhone/iPad), Google Play Leaderboards, Game Circle (Android Amazon) for online high score ranking
  • Easy and intuitive user interface to grant fun for young and old alike
  • The great mind and likeness of Albert Einstein is coaching a player

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  • Best mobile brain gym.

    Best mobile brain gym 👍. If you've ever played Brain Age, it seems like this game is exactly the same mechanics but simply skinned differently. The game designer has put a lot of research into these exercises and it's clear from the get go. Works seamlessly with my pixel 3a

    • Jeppo, May 19, 2020
  • Excellente

    Excellente .. it has room for improvement, but its good .. bought this because of dr.kawashima's

    • Jeppo, May 19, 2020
  • Good game

    Quite a few games and mostly all fun. This app is underrated. With all the lumosity and brain fit hype going on this this one gets no love but I think it's a worthy contender. Does everything the others do just cheaper. Games are actually pretty challenging too. I tend to blow right through the lumosity games with rather high scores (both mobile and online versions) this one my scores aren't so high. Feel like it's harder, which is good. Anywho, great app 5 stars no problems or crashes.

    • AJShadowz , 01/19/2014
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